Saturday, 5 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy(13/52)

It feels properly light today for the first time in so long. It is good to feel awake!
Feeling a bit lighter and brighter mood wise so here are my happies this week from the brilliant project by Jen at Little Birdie

* Our delicious New Year's Eve meal....smoked haddock with cream
* Morten likes to get under any cover/cushion he can find.
* Passion fruit juice in Jamie's new Moomin cup.
* Using that juice to make these Passionfruit Creams (good old Nigel Slater)

I also have another HUGE happy that just happened this morning. Mr. Postman delivered a wonderful parcel from Helsinki!

How fantastic are these Moomin goodies? I am a lucky lady :)
A huge thank you to Ullamaj at Perhonenlensi

I also would like to say thank you to Jen for the award. It made me really happy! Its a great way to be introduced to some blogs you haven't seen. Going to think up some questions and join in.

Happy weekend all......I'm off to see the Lion King tonight! Yippee! Xx

Friday, 4 January 2013


So it is the last day of the holidays and the children's rooms are BAD! They are a tip and I hate it and have to try VERY hard not to nag them to keep it tidy every day. So I make a deal with them and myself, they have to tidy it once a week. That day is here! And while they are at it they can write their thank you notes too. :)

I like the lounge (70's I know but that is what we called it when I was little) to be nice when I sit down at night. I light candles and plump cushions and feel better. I wish wholeheartedly that I was more chilled and I do try, but for me, relaxation only properly happens when I know the house is clean. Silly isn't it?

I hope you are all coping with the back to work/school weekend feeling. Today is the last day of the Christmas Radio Times so it must be time to get back to normal!