Sunday, 29 July 2012

Baking and other past times

So the weekend is over but no Sunday night blues! No school run, yippee!!

I have been working though...
I finished a wedding anniversary order and started on some lettering for a display at school.

Maisy met friends in the park and so Soren and I gave her some alone time. It does feel strange but I guess this is just the beginning of her wanting to be free. We weren't too far away, just walking Morten around and about. He was really tired when we got home and really spread out on his bed!

Soren baked and decorated cakes today. I insisted on an apron because of his choice of bright, red icing!! We also watched the highlights of the Olympic opening ceremony. I got a bit bored during the parade bit but Soren was obsessed with guessing which country would be next!

Friday, 27 July 2012



First day of the holidays and my boy is up at 6.30!!??
Why do they do that? He has to be dragged out of bed every other day!

Bit of a mixture of photos of the last few days which have been a bit of an emotional blur. Maisy finished primary school and went to a party to celebrate. She had a new short hair cut too (very brave).

I baked cakes for us in the staff room to have our own little party but tonight we are having a proper do for my lovely friend who retired.

Now I am forcing Soren to come to Happy Valley (a lovely walk nearby) with Morten. After all he has been playing FIFA since the crack of dawn! (that is the boy, not Morten!)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Cheered Up

Sunday night and things are looking better than a few days ago. Still the odd thing/person causing a bit of grief but I shall rise above!

We have played out, rescued balls from roofs, made fun bracelets and finished an order for an owl lover.

We are just about to settle down to an episode of Big Love with a cup of tea. How is it that sitting down when all the chores are done seems to get later and later every night?!

4 more days of school and lots to fit in but I have a much more positive frame of mind to confront it with. Phew!

Friday, 20 July 2012

One week to go...

The penultimate week at school saw maisy's year 6 production. Here she is as Maid Marion. Very proud Mummy here.

Today I also visited my friend and her dog Walter who seems very big compared to my little Morten!

Not much else to show or tell. My rubbishy week has continued and so this weekend I shall be hibernating in our little house with my family where nobody can annoy or upset me!

Have a good weekend everyone. Apparently the sun is going to make an appearance!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I have been wrapping up the teachers presents today, and a picture that needed delivering. I wanted to do something nice to take my mind of the fact that the weather is rubbish and that people can be rather rude. I won't bore you with a rant but let's just say that today I have encountered some ill mannered folk.

My sweet peas have 4 flowers sprouting so I beat those pesky snails to it and put them in a (tiny) vase!

My friend's daughter is a big owl fan so I made her a brooch. She wants some owl cake bunting too but that is for tomorrow.

Now I need to be a taxi for a couple of hours so that the kids can be where they need to be. Karate for the boy, staring as Maid Marion in the school play for the girl.

I can think of a few that deserve a karate chop or two today but I shall try to be nice!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunny Sunday

Yes the sun actually shone!

Because of the rain and serious snail damage I had sort of abandoned the garden. I felt so annoyed at having worked so hard only to have all our plants eaten. Even if I had wanted to, I would have struggled to find a dry enough day to cut the grass.

However, today Soren and I got stuck in. He collected as many snails as he could and moved them as far away from the sweet peas as possible. Then he built a trap with a jar filled with beer. I mowed, swept and weeded and while it is not the blooming and productive garden I planned, it looks tidy.

I worked on another family picture while Maisy made these cute pictures of her class mates to give as leaving gifts. Still 2 weeks left at school...