Friday, 13 July 2012

Fed Up

Things with me have still been busy and while I have been ticking lots of jobs off my list, I am feeling a bit down in the dumps. Is it the weather? So many people seem to be having a bad time lately. Would a bit of sun cheer us all up?

My cold is really sticking around and yesterday I stole a few hours on the sofa with the duvet. I was trying to paint but when I lean forward I get sinus pains :( I felt very guilty about it but it was lovely just to watch telly and cuddle up with Morten (and eat a crisp sandwich)

Maisy has been making goodbye cards for her teachers while i have been preparing the memory books for the teachers. I love this purple flower she drew. She has been a bit emotional this week. I think leaving primary school is quite a hard thing for her. A trip to see Ice Age 4 and a large popcorn at the cinema may be in order!

On a more positive note, I received an email from the lady who ordered the family picture and she really loved it. Phew! As a result I have 2 more orders which is great. I also made a picture for a friend who has a baby called Morgan. Cute name!

Jamie and I are off to see that film about the end of the world this afternoon. I can't recall it's name but I know it stars Keira Knightley! Despite the topic it is supposed to be heart warming. Let's hope it does the trick!

Happy weekend xx


  1. I hope that you are feeling better soon. I love your dachshund pull along toy. KP and her friends have also been very emotional - she is in Year 6 too. She is staying on at her school which has a Senior side but a lot of her friends are leaving to go to other schools. There has been many tears from both the girls and the boys!
    Take care.

  2. I am going to wear waterproof mascara to the leavers assembly! x

  3. Hope you feel better soon! The weather is definitely making everyone feel a bit blue at the moment, though it is an excellent excuse for staying inside and curling up with a huge cup of tea and some movies x

    1. Feeling better at last thank you! x

  4. Hello, I hope you are feeling better! I'm sure a bit of sunshine would help. It has been raining here non-stop but we went off to the countryside for the weekend and it was sunny! Everyone was super happy! :-) x

  5. Sunshine here today Col and it makes such a difference to everyone's mood! x