Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cutting and Sticking

It's been a 12 hour day involving scissors and glue (and a bit of paint)!

Things are a bit manic all of a sudden. I haven't made enough stock to sell at the fair next Saturday so I frantically making more mini bunting and finishing off my brooches. This in itself would not be a problem if another few jobs didn't need finishing at the same time!

Remember the picture I did last week? A friend of the lady I made it for saw it and wants one for her anniversary next week! This is really great I know, I'm just feeling the pressure. (this picture requires 2 adults, 4 children, a dog, a cat and a guinea pig) Eeek!!!

I also need to complete the main part of the scenery at school this week so i got a head start by painting the mushrooms for the forest floor. I shall try to remember my camera when I go tomorrow!

Bed now I think :)


  1. Good luck getting everything done! Love the mini bunting :-) x

    1. I am going to need lots of luck! Thank you!xx

  2. mini bunting so cute, mushrooms and toadstools will look great on stage!

  3. Oh dear - life does feel a bit rushed at the moment. I always get that feeling at the end of term.

    All the luck for the fair and completing the things you need to do. I absolutely adore your mushrooms.

    Nina xx