Sunday, 16 June 2013

Icing on the Cake (or the doughnut)

I'm tired I'll keep it brief!
I iced so many doughnuts on Saturday and spent far too much money on sprinkles but I think the boy appreciated it. The party was the usual 2 hours of hectic madness and I was very glad when it was time to hand out the slices of cake and thank you gift. Phew! It's still not his actual birthday till Friday but that's the party done with for another year.

Today was another celebration, the football club awards ceremony. Here is my beautiful son with his trophies.

Night night xx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Party prep

More disco organising today. I have just finished making some little doughnut magnets as thank you gifts for Soren's friends to take home. I used shrink plastic and made tiny confetti using a hole punch and some tissue for the magnets to nestle in.

Before the rain came, Soren and I made some very quick doughnut bunting which is not the best but will look ok under the disco lights I think!

I took a picture of these Sweet Williams because they are making me happy every night as I collapse on the sofa to watch Spring Watch. They were a gift from the 2 teachers I support at school. I am really lucky to work in the classrooms of great teachers that are also lovely friends.

It's approaching my bedtime (9.30 because I am a lightweight this week) so I shall wish you a good night. It does feel wrong going to bed when it's still light though!

Monday, 10 June 2013


On Saturday Soren is having a birthday disco and I have been having a practice with some of the foody ideas. I saw this fab idea for Marshmallow Zombies on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it. Not sure I love eating them but luckily the kids do!

We gave out the invitations 3 weeks ago and I have spent the evening chasing replies. I am having a moan on here, in the hope that you will agree that it is very rude not to reply! So annoying!

I have been making some other bits and bobs too, which I will hopefully show you soon. I just seem to have been extra busy at work and home lately, the sun comes out and suddenly the gardening goes on the never ending jobs list too! So apologies for my sporadic blogging and have a lovely week :)