Sunday, 28 October 2012

What We Did.....

.......This Weekend

• A visit to Salts Mill, the wonderful David Hockney gallery
• Lunch in Salts Diner which uses Booge (Hockney's sausage dog) as its logo. That's a delicious portabello mushroom burger.
• The Hepworth Gallery which had a fab sculpture just outside. Check out the potty ear!!
• A walk to Furness Vale including canal boats, alpacas and sheep.

Today I have been working but more on that another day. Thank you for all your comments lately and hello to some lovely new folk that have introduced their fantastic blogs to me. I will post that Parkin recipe this week too but it's nothing fancy! I have just had a slice and it's definitely improving day by day. I wish I had left it wrapped up from the start but I have no cake patience!

It's half term here this alarm tomorrow!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

How Nice is This?

Just a quick post to show you what I bought today!
(Parkin in the oven as I write)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

52 weeks of Happy (4/52)

• Being lucky enough to work from home (hence the paint alongside pans from tea)
• Cake flags made for a fan of Adventure Time (an odd but cool cartoon)
• Lovely Morten who features again this week, despite digging up my newly planted bulbs!
•Moomin postcards I bought in Finland. Maisy and Soren are going away with their Dad for a few days and I always send them off with a note tucked in their bags.

Hope mid week finds you happy or able to find a bit of happy within our hectic days! xx

Monday, 22 October 2012


Another Monday comes around and there is a lot to fit in before the kids break up on Friday.

I have wrapped up another family picture for delivery today and have started the HUGE canvases for the school music room project. Not quite sure how I will get them to school when they are done.....I only have a tiny Fiat!

Now I'm off to the post office and for a quick coffee before school pick up. Soren has a friend coming for tea. What do you make when they have pals over? I always do something kiddie ish, just in case. You never know what other children will like. Here it will be chicken dippers, potato waffles, peas and sweet corn. Predictable but always eaten!

Friday, 19 October 2012

3/52 Weeks Of Happy

Another week has flown by.....

My 4 happy bits and bobs this week are, I suppose, the essence of this project started by lovely Jen at Little Birdie. Simple things that cost very little and are just part of day to day life.

• a cheery chilli plant on my fireplace
• gorgeous Morten and my slippers
• gnocchi with breadcrumbs from the new Nigella book
• having time to bake a Raspberry Bakewell Cake from a recipe my Mum saved for me

Food, my lovely dog and a cosy house, what more could I ask for?

Happy Weekend everyone, and thank you for always dropping by. It means a lot! Xx

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


There hasn't been a great deal happening around here. Well that's not quite true, it's been the usual hectic whirlwind of driving children to activities, homework, my work, cooking and cleaning. I suppose I mean there has been a lack of things of interest!

I am doing some more work at school (hence the huge canvases) and another family picture. I also made a little felt flower brooch for my friend who is not too well. I know that leading up to Christmas is going to be mad busy so I started doing extra jobs and doing a bit of shopping. My family all have birthdays leading up to Christmas and this year we have a 70th and a 40th!
I WILL be organised!

(sorry for dull pics) xx

Friday, 12 October 2012

52 weeks of Happy (2/52)

After a rather lack lustre week that has included a parking ticket (10 mins too late back to my car), a bill for some work on the roof and having the toilet mended, I was struggling finding my happy this week. Just in the nick of time I've found my four things. This could be due to the fact a chicken is roasting in the oven and the wine is flowing! I'm so glad so many of us seem to be joining in with this. Thanks Jen!


Our Anniversary and a new autumn candle....

Cute Munchkin gourds on my fireplace....

First sprouts of the season, I love em!

Maisy's sweet drawing of the things that make her happy, Morten and Netball :)

Thank goodness it is Friday. Happy weekend everyone xxx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Yesterday Jamie and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. Tuesday's are busy school days with 2 lots of football practice to be a taxi for so there wasn't much time for celebration.

We did however, manage a wonderful autumnal walk with Morten followed by sneaky fish and chips before school pick up.

I made Jamie a little gift after I saw an idea on a Martha Stewart site somewhere. It was quick and easy to make and I had to include Morten!

I hope your weeks are going well, ours is busy and tiring....half term must be coming soon (I hope)!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

11 questions

Hope you have all had a happy weekend!
I am currently sat on the sofa, stuffed full of apple crumble and custard, looking at blogs and have just discovered I have been tagged by lovely Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict.

Now, as you all know, I am a bit rubbish at stuff like this but I would love to have a go at the questions because I know how much I enjoyed reading about Ada!

1. Radio 1 or Classic FM?
Neither really, I'm a radio 2 girl, especially Liza Tarbuck and Graham Norton

2. Favourite tipple?
Crabbies ginger ale

3. What super power would you have?
To overcome tiredness!

4. All time favourite song.
Take on Me by A-ha. I had the biggest crush on Morten Harket and wished I was the girl in the video to this song with all my heart.

5. Perfect Sunday.
My Mum's roast chicken dinner, an autumn walk with Morten (that's the dog, not the man, I think) and a good film like Juno or A Touch Of Class with a young Glenda Jackson.

6. Tea or coffee?
Tea, tea and more tea.

7. If you could invite anyone for dinner, who would it be?
I would love my Nana to have met my children now that they are older. She held Maisy but never met Soren. She would have loved them.

8. Best Piece of Advice.
You won't wish you had spent more time cleaning when you are on your death bed!

9. What would you do with one million pounds?
Open a small rescue shelter for dogs, open a B&B at Sands End in East Yorkshire, take the kids to see the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway, buy my husband all the music stuff he wants, i could go on and on....!

10. What one word describes you?

11. What infuriates you?
Meanness, thoughtlessness and my printer when it won't work!

I'm not going to tag anyone because doing all the links would just push me over the edge, my technical skills being what they are! I will be hoping that some of you have a go though, because I want to nosy! :)

It's our wedding anniversary this week too..........