Friday, 5 October 2012


I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your kind, supportive and helpful comments on my last post. It means so much and you have truly made me feel better. It's a nice place this blog land, thanks everyone! X

So like Jen (see previous post), I'm thinking of my happy/simple pleasures for the week....

• A double yoker when I was making bacon and egg sandwiches.
• A sneaky daytime trip to the cinema to see The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (really good!)
• A gorgeous thank you from a friend who liked their picture.
• A message from an actual real life customer who loved their picture!

My little Maisy is a bit sad tonight. She has had a boyfriend (they just got on really well and had the occasional hug) for nearly 2 years and he just said he didn't want to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. On Facebook.

My poor girl. I'm going to buy chocolate and tell her about all the times I was dumped to make her feel better. I am glad I'm a grown up at times like these....


  1. This is the bit I'm dreading most, picking up the pieces of broken heart! Good luck! Glad you are feeling more up beat! Ada :)

    1. It's not good Ada, there is not much you can say or do. As mums we like to be able to fix things for our babies but there is nothing I can do to change this situation. Cuddles aplenty and telling her that it won't feel this bad for long xx

  2. Poor Maisie. I feel for her, and for you. One of life's hard lessons. I like your list of little things, and I'm so glad you are feeling positive. Your double-yolk photo made me smile! Have a great weekend. x

  3. Your bacon and egg sandwich is making me very hungry now! I hope your Maisy feels better. I have three small girls and I guess that is all ahead of me. Sigh.
    Greer x

  4. What a lovely list of happy ... so sorry little Maisy is feeling sad ... lots of mummy cuddles and a listening ear will help I'm sure ... her little heart will mend although she probably can't see that now ... hope she is feeling brighter soon ... Bee xx

  5. Well a big yes to all your happy things! Was the film good? I quite liked the look of the trailer.
    But a big boo to anyone who dumps someone through Facebook. I'm so sorry for Maisie, but if he didn't have the kindness or guts to tell her in person, he just wasn't worth it. She'll meet someone a million times better I'm sure. x

  6. Poor Maisie. How awful to be dumped, especially on Facebook! Hope she feels better soon - that boy is so not worth her sadness! x