Friday, 12 October 2012

52 weeks of Happy (2/52)

After a rather lack lustre week that has included a parking ticket (10 mins too late back to my car), a bill for some work on the roof and having the toilet mended, I was struggling finding my happy this week. Just in the nick of time I've found my four things. This could be due to the fact a chicken is roasting in the oven and the wine is flowing! I'm so glad so many of us seem to be joining in with this. Thanks Jen!


Our Anniversary and a new autumn candle....

Cute Munchkin gourds on my fireplace....

First sprouts of the season, I love em!

Maisy's sweet drawing of the things that make her happy, Morten and Netball :)

Thank goodness it is Friday. Happy weekend everyone xxx


  1. Ooh i love sprouts as well! Have a great weekend x

  2. Yeah to sprouts too. Sorry to hear you had such a rough week, but at least you've found your happy tonight! x

  3. Good things there! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  4. A very autumnal theme - is it sprout season already? Enjoy your weekend xo

  5. Happy is happy! Some lovely, happy photos there :-) have a great weekend x

  6. Lovely happy photos ... I love sprouts too ... wishing you a happy weekend ... Bee xx

  7. I love sprouts too! Love that pull along dog and Maisy's drawing.
    Enjoy your chicken and wine!

  8. Lovely happy things. I love Maisys cute drawing. Hope your having a great weekend. xx

  9. Glad you found your happy! Some nice things after a horrid week. Except the sprouts...I'm not with you on those! x