Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Not Good

So I had a stall at a craft fair and then one the next day too at a Makers Market.
I am embarrassed to say that I actually made a loss. I have been feeling so bad about it and about myself in general that I haven't felt like blogging, or painting or anything!

I don't know what I'm going to do next, but I know I can't do anymore fairs. I am no sales person and it seems that I don't make anything people want to buy.
Yesterday I had some sad news about a friend of mine and I feel helpless and cross with the world. Why do bad things happen to nice people?

I have just read Jen over at Little Birdie and she is going to think of four things each week that make her happy. I think I need to do the same because I am a lucky lady with a wonderful family and the negative things need chasing away!

Hope you all have a happy week xx

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  1. Hello, oh no, I'm so sorry about the fairs and your friend. Just want to say that I think you are an amazingly talented woman and I for one love your products! Big hugs!!! x

  2. Please don't give up! You really have a lovely style, fresh and innocent! I think most people have a loss to start off with. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, life isn't always fair :( I think thinking about positive things is good! It's what keeps me going! Ada :)

  3. Like Ada and Col said - don't give up. I think it's very hard to get customers at the moment, especially as people have had to tighten their purse strings. Have you tried reading this - The Handmade Marketplace? Think it's full of tips and advice in order to get noticed. I've put the link in below. And so sorry to hear about your friend. I'm glad you enjoyed my post today and that you want to join in. I'm very happy about that! x


  4. Hello lovely, I'm so sorry you had such a rubbish time at the fairs! I think fairs are really hard, not only are you paying for the table, you are also giving up a whole day of your time, plus all the preparation. I know plenty of people who sell at markets and fairs who sometimes make a loss, everyone has a bad day. Maybe you should focus on online sales, through Etsy or Folksy - at least then you're not having to stand around all day waiting for the right person to come along! I love your work, and I really hope you feel happier soon. I love Jen's post about focusing on the positive, it definitely helps me when I'm feeling low to count my blessings.

    Take care honey. Rachel xx

  5. I'm sorry to hear your bad news. I hope things perk up for you soon x

  6. Oh, I feel for you! I had some rubbish fairs last year and it's soul destroying. The more you do, the better sense you'll get of what sells and how to price it. But you can't make any real money off it. I'm so surprised you didn't sell much as your stuff was so lovely and beautifully packaged.

    Sorry to hear about your friend too. Don't give up, you are SO talented. Sending big bloggy hugs. xx

  7. Oh, sorry things didn't work out at the fairs ... have you thought about giving etsy and folksy a go ... your products are beautiful and I don't think you should feel defeated ... sorry that your friend is having a tough time ... I hope everything gets sunnier and happier for you very soon ... big hugs ... Bee xxoo

  8. Don't lose heart your products are lovely.

  9. Don't loose heart - keep calm and carry on! I think your stuff is lovely - I'd go for what some of the commenters above suggest - sell online at least you don't have to be sat in one place for a whole day. I'm a bit like you, I allow things to get on top of me but, the older I get the more I realize that things generally sort themselves out so I should worry less and just get on with enjoying the small things in life.
    Take care,

  10. Don't get downhearted, I've organised a few fairs and you never know who's going to come in as a customer - we had one fair where people wanted a tombola and a bric a brac stall, no one did very well that year! Other times we've had huge sales on the beautiful & expensive craft items, you just never know. Try some more fairs,Christmas ones will be coming up, I get asked by people if they can have a smaller pitch for half price (we always say yes) or to share a stall. School fundraiser fairs are often quite inexpensive to attend and it gets your items "out there".
    So sorry you've had sad news too, sending you best wishes. x

  11. I'm so sorry things are on a bit of a bad run at the moment, but don't give up on the fairs. Christmas ones are normally the big ones - maybe reduce the amount you do and focus on just the key ones.

    So sorry to hear about your friend too - bad news is never a good thing, but fingers crossed positive will follow soon.

    take care and big hugs

    Nina x

  12. Oh, I do feel for you. If it's any consolation I think it's the same everywhere. I have friends who sell at fairs and the only one making any kind of profit sells handmade chocolates and even she has changed what she sells to reflect the fact that folk are only spending a few pounds apiece.

    Have you thought of selling directly via your blog? I'm sure there are plenty of folk popping by who would be interested and would maybe spread the word :)

  13. Oh a virtual hug from me- your work is lovely. Don't be downhearted. Things will pick up, they always do. Just 'adjust your sails' as one of my fave quotes says and keep on going. Jo xx

  14. Sorry about the fair.. That never feels good. Perhaps you're just not finding the right people because I certainly like what you're making! Good luck and don't give up.

  15. Oh I'm sorry the fairs didn't go so well, like others have said please don't give up. Your work is so lovely, I'm sure an Etsy shop would do better and at least you don't have to pay for stall. I would so buy your lovely things.
    I'm doing a craft fair with my mum in a couple of weeks, we have already done a couple this year and had paid for all 3 at beginning of year. We sold hardly anything and what we did was mostly to friends but I don't think anyone there was really selling anything. Just think craft fairs are like that sometimes!
    So sorry about your friend too. Hope things are brighter soon, sending you big hugs. xx

  16. Hi Just discovered your blog via the Linen Cloud. I'm really sorry you had such a bad time at the fair. I know exactly how you're feeling as I have had some terrible experiences at fairs. I haven't done one for about three years now as I had a period of doing a lot and didn't find any to be successful. It does get you down but if you really enjoy making what you do then don't be disheartened. Your things look really cute. I love the little cupcake flags. Have you tried selling on-line anywhere? That's what I do and although things are very slow recently it's not like doing a fair. I'm actually having a debate about whether to stick with Folksy or go back to Etsy at the moment, or to sell via my blog. Sorry to hear about your friend as well. I hope things get better soon.
    Fiona x

  17. hello just thinking about this post, I wonder if you could make party packs and somehow advertise them around the Mums at school. leaflets or noticeboard. Whenever you celebrate a birthday use them and take lots of appreciation photos, put them on your blog! so we can see how and what they look like, lots of publicity!! Heather x