Thursday, 23 August 2012

Holidays are here!

Yippee the holiday is finally here!
I've packed, cleaned manically (I like to know it will be nice and clean to come back to, bit daft I know) and sent Morten to stay with my sister and her partner. They love him to bits and it is so good to know he is happy. I miss him though because we pretty much spend all our time together. Lovely Morten.

He was not impressed with my hoovering though. He slumped on the sofa till it was over.

I had another picture to get finished too which I fitted inbeween bed washing and gardening. I am silly but I can't help it!

Now I am just waiting for my nail varnish to dry and I'm off to bed. Early start tomorrow then it's hello sunshine!


  1. Your rabbit is so sweet, I wish I could draw! My daughter is still in the planning stages of the picture she wants to send you! I fear she will be like her father and procrastinate for the rest of her life! He composes his own music but never finishes anything!
    Have a great holiday....enjoy the sun! Ada :)

  2. Happy, happy holidays - have fun.

    I know how you feel about wanting to come home to a clean and tidy home - it's my one 'thing' as well when we go away.

    Have fun,

    Nina x

  3. Have a brilliant holiday ... I fully understand your need to clean ... I have that same obsession ... cleaning like a maniac prior to departure ... but it is worth it to come home to a lovely clean house ... enjoy the lovely sunshine ... you lucky duck :) Bee xx

    PS Cute polish!!

  4. Have a fantastic holiday! I always clean a bit before going away. I just hate coming home to a dirty, messy house. It's bad enough to have a week's washing, but then cleaning too... Lovely nail polish by the way! xx

  5. Hope you'll have a wonderful holiday!! Love the smiley hoover, must be happy householding with that one :)

  6. Have a fab holiday. I know how you feel about the cleaning etc and I'm the same! When we go away we have a lady that comes in to feed the cats so they can stay in an environment that they know and it's cheaper. The only problem whenever we return there is always a fur ball somewhere to clean up!

  7. Happy holidays, hope you have a fantastic week. xx

  8. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! I hope the sun shines all week long :-) x

  9. Hope you have had a wonderful holiday, I'm new to your blog, it's super! x