Saturday, 17 November 2012

More Pictures Complete

Thought I would show you 2 more of my completed family pictures.

One is for the netball loving best friends who will be going to different high schools. One mum wanted her daughter to give an extra special gift to her very best friend this Christmas.

The other is for a little girl called Millie who adores her giant Tabby cat called Mog.

They are wrapped and ready for delivery. Phew!

The next picture is for a wedding anniversary which I need to start this week. Today I am busy making some brooches for an appointment at a little shop who have shown an interest in selling them. Yippee!

Morten would much rather me sit on the sofa and cuddle. I would rather do that too. Poor old Morten.


  1. Oh they are so lovely. And all the very best for your appointment, that's great news! x

  2. These are so nice. I like the raised, 3-d effect of your work. You're very talented. Hope the appointment with the shop goes well! x

  3. Hope the appointment goes well! Morten - adorable!

  4. The pictures are so cute! Would be so nice to see your items in a shop, wouldn't it?
    Morten is a very sweet model ;-)

  5. More lovely pictures ... you are clever ... wishing you all the luck in the world with your appointment ... your brooches will be a winner ... no doubt ... I love Morton's little face ... Bee xx

  6. They're so lovely. Good luck with the appointment, that's really exciting. Your brooches are so gorgeous I'm sure they will do brilliant. xx

  7. Your pictures are great! Good luck with the appointment - I'm sure they'll love the brooches! x