Friday, 28 December 2012

52 weeks of happy (12/52)

Hi everyone, how are you doing?
Just a quick post to share my happies with you before I get back to doing nothing much :)

* Oh Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II, how I love you. Thank you Jamie, you always know just what I like xx
* My new candle holder, a gift from a lovely friend. Thank you Sarah xx
* Eating a chocolate orange in one go.

No photograph here but I loved my Christmas dinner which was cooked by my Mum and I even enjoyed washing up with my sister and Dad!


  1. Hi lovely Nick ... I love your happies ... we haven't any photos or our dinner either ... I get so carried away with the preparing and eating ... there's no hope of even finding the camera never mind taking a photo ... love your new book ... is it good ... I've recently fallen in love with Nigel's cooking ... Bee xx

  2. Bet your dinner wasn't on your plate long enough to take a photo!!! I'm surprised you managed to get a photo of the chocolate orange, they are sooooo moreish! :) x

  3. Beautiful restful times. Enjoy the rest of the break xo

  4. Oh I love Nigel too! We made his porcini mushroom nut patties for Christmas dinner and they were delicious. Lovely happies Nick! x

  5. I have the first Kitchen Diaries book and I adore it - I love the way it's arranged through the seasons. Now this one has made it to my wish list too...

    Glad you had a lovely Christmas, Nick. xx

  6. Ha! I am so glad our household is not alone in being able to polish off a chocolate orange in one go. I remember one year I committed the mortal sin of buying a chocolate orange snowball (white chocolate). The look on my husband's face was priceless - he couldn't believe I had messed so appallingly with his beloved Christmas tradition! Glad you have had a lovely time xx

  7. Wishing you lots of happies in 2013 - Happy New Year Nick x

  8. Your pictures always look so cosy!
    See you in the New year, lots of love from Mirjam.