Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nearly Easter

So a few little chicks have appeared.......they are waiting for the Easter branch!
Luckily for me, my mum braved the thorns and chopped me some lovely branches today.
I am going to decorate it while we watch the football. First I have to go back out into the arctic world we now live in to collect Soren from training. Football....OUTSIDE!!! AND in the school holidays!!

In other news some little faces have appeared on our tangerines and Maisy has dyed her hair a lovely chestnut shade. The teen years are approaching rapidly!


  1. Loving all those little chicks. x

  2. Love your little chicks Nick ... we are decorating a little here too ... and I love your girl with the glasses ... Bee xx

  3. I love those little pink chicks sitting on the picture frame!

    We will be making chocolate Easter nest soon - it's traditional in this house. There will be a mutiny if I eat all the mini eggs. x

  4. Love all those cute little chicks dotted about, great tangerine faces too. xx

  5. Your Easter decorations are so cute. There's no way we could do the same here - between The Boy and myself we would gobble up all those chocolate goodies :-)

  6. We have just a few of these too......they just get everywhere! :) x

  7. Love the chicks and are those broken up Crunchie bits on that egg? Oh my....
    Maisie is so cool! x

    1. Maisy made the egg chocolate slab thing. Yes to crunchie on the top! Unfortunately for us she gave it to her Grandad. She looks so lovely and I really enjoy seeing her getting to grips with her own style, what she likes and dislikes. Happy Easter xx

  8. Love the hiding chicks, think Teddy will enjoy spotting them all around the house and the artic garden!
    Especially as, unbelievably, he's still not into chocolate!