Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bits and Pieces

A bit of a mixture today! A few photos of the garden we worked so hard on. Morten can't resist the French beans!

I have been looking out of the window a lot and so photographed some of our kitchen bits and bobs. I also finished off and packaged up a christening picture.

I needed to find an old picture of my daughter for school and while I was rummaging in the box I found this funny picture of my sister and I. Don't you love our matching dresses?

There was also time for a trip to the library and a dog walk. Morten was mostly barking and yawning!


  1. Morten looks like he'll sleep tonight!
    You and your sister look very sweet in your matching dresses :)

  2. We have not only twin dogs but twin shoes as well, I've got a pair of converse exactly the same color:) Morten looks like having fun in the garden. Love the yawning (or was it laughing?)!