Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nearly There...

My children (and me) break up from school tomorrow. Yippee!
Because it is the last day before the Jubilee, they are wearing red, white and blue and having cakes to celebrate. Maisy and Soren have their clothes out ready!

I have been gardening again and have worn myself out. To relax I have come to bed early and it is bliss! I love a good, early night....I must be getting old! The sky is really pretty as I look out of my bedroom window. I think it will be another hot day tomorrow.


  1. What a beautiful skirt - I love all things boaty - and gosh your cons....just perfect.


    Nina xxx

  2. That skirt is great and the sky is beautiful! x

  3. Yes! I like how the planes had made a sort of rectangle. :) x