Thursday, 17 May 2012


Today I have lots of goodies!

This morning I went out to H&M with my mum and she bought us some lovely things for Summer (if it ever arrives!). I really love the lilac theme of Maisy's clothes. Pretty!

I also took my trip to Ikea. I bought some new cushions (can you spot Morten walking across the fabric as I tried to photograph it?). I also thought I would try some solar powered lights for the garden. They are charging for a day so I'll let you know if they work.

I got my tea lights too so we are having a cozy night with candles and more of 'The Killing'! (Episode 7)


  1. Lots of lovely pattern and colour. I love that last one at the bottom and those are such pretty solar lights for the garden. x

    1. Hi! The last picture is of some clothes for my son. I love them too. I sometimes prefer the things for children in the shops! They always use such nice fabric for children's clothes! X

  2. We are obsessed here with "the killing" as well - it is just SO good serie, actually one of my favourites at the time. And really really addicting! We are watching it on mondays and have to admit that I'm really looking forward monday evenings:) I would also like to see the danish original serie, wonder if it's available somewhere... Love the patterns and colors you bought, are the ones in the last picture from Ikea as well? Lovely!

  3. Hello! I LOVE watching The Killing! You are right, it is so addictive! We are watching a box set of the Danish series with subtitles. Maybe it is available online? The last picture is of t-shirts from Gap and a hooded top from H&M. Happy weekend! (it will soon be Monday!!). :) x

  4. Love The Killing! Quite addicted in fact! Also, love your Ikea cushion - got one on my last trip there a few weeks ago ... it seems to be a bit of an addiction too :-), Bee x