Sunday, 16 September 2012


This weekend has mainly involved eating!

Jamie's Mum and her husband are over from Vancouver and they stayed with us last night. We were celebrating her 70th birthday (very belated because we haven't seen her since) and maisy's birthday which is on Thursday! 12 already. I can hardly believe it.

I tried out a new lemon cake recipe and it was GOOD. I ate too much as per usual. Feeling slightly sick now as I lie in bed. :(

I'll be baking again this week for maisy. She likes her cake to be the same each year..... Nigella's Cola Cake.

Anyway, Sunday night means an early night for me. I try and be prepared for whatever might come our way during the week!


  1. Ah, Love the photo of Morten - he looks so cute! Yummy cakes too!
    Have a great week.

  2. Lovely cake! Yummy! Have a good rest of the week and continuing birthday celebrations! Ada :)

  3. Cakes look fantastic! And your bunting is very cute. x

  4. gosh that white icing looks amazing! and cola cake, wow might have to look that up. cake buntings good, I'll have to make some of that, have a good week Heather x

  5. Anything involving cake is always a good thing though 12 'phew' - I have one of those....thirteen in March.

    Nina x

  6. That cake looks great - love the cake bunting. Nigella's cola cake is my husband's favourite cake ever, he loves it. So do i - must make it actually, I haven't made it for ages.

    Happy birthday to Maisie. xx

  7. Your cake looks so pretty with the candles and the bunting! x

  8. That cake bunting is brilliant! Love the patterns and the colours. And hello there from me to you! (I think I found you via Bee at The Linen Cloud, but I can't quite remember!). x

  9. Happy birthday Maisie for Thursday. Wow, 12, now that's grown up! Love the bunting - did you make it? x