Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Little Dog Thing

I made a new picture today for delivery tomorrow. I quite like it's little face.

After I finished that I went to pick up Soren from school. Just as we were waiting at the crossing something terrible happened. A trailer came off the back of a van and came up onto the pavement. I shouted 'Move!' but a high school boy was coming past on his bike and it knocked him over and pinned him to the wall.

We took him into school where the police and an ambulance were called. I think he is just bruised and shocked but it's best to be safe. The police took lots of information and our details as we had noted the reg number. I can't believe they just drove off! Then while we went back to school they must have returned, picked up the trailer and gone. I hope they find him. It could have been so much worse. If there had been tiny reception children or the boy hadn't been up on his bike, well I don't even want to think about it.

I hope I get to hear what happens.


  1. What a dredful thing to have witnessed, I bet every one was very shaken. Love the cute picture x

    1. * dreadful! (dreadful spelling too!) Thank you so much for the recipe - it will be made this weekend x

  2. How awful, I hope the boy is ok and that the stupid irresponsible driver is found. And that you don't feel too shaken up by it all, it takes a while for that post-adrenaline wobbly feeling to wear off! Gorgeous picture. x

  3. What an awful thing to witness. Thankfully, the boy was only bruised and not too traumatised. It makes you think how life changing events can happen in the blink of an eye.
    Love the picture frame - someone is going to be very happy!

  4. goodness what drama, it's enough to take your mind of other things! glad he was not very hurt. Hope Morten is doing ok, Heather x

  5. How horrible for them to have just driven off, I hope they find them! I love your picture. xx

  6. Gosh, how horrible, some people just don't seem to care! Hope the boy is ok.
    Your picture is beautiful, you shouldn't lack confidence in what you create, you have loads of talent! Ada :)

  7. Ooh that makes me SO mad...I can't believe they drove off!!! What is wrong with people? I do hope the boy is ok.

    Our daily walk to school involves a busy main road, and we walk past a big high school. At 3pm about 500 teenagers wander across this road, pretty obliviously, and last week one teen got hit by a car. I walked past it just as it had happened. Awful. They were just lying there not moving with loads of people around - I didn't stop as I had Angus in the pushchair and there were clearly loads of people helping. I really hope that kid was ok. It shook me up.

    Anyway, on a happier not, your picture is lovely and you are very talented! x

  8. Oh how awful ... for you and the young boy who was hit ... I hope they catch whoever was responsible ... absolutely love the picture ... your work is great ... believe in yourself more ... you are very talented ... Bee xx

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments! It's nice to have you all there :) Sometimes you just need to share things like that, idon't know why. I can't seem to stop thinking about it but I'm going to try and find out what happened to the boy. I heard he was taken to hospital.
    Thank you too for being so positive about my picture. Really cheered me up xx

  10. Oh no, what a horrible experience! I really hope they find the person responsible. On a happier note, I really love your picture! x

  11. Goodness! Glad to hear that the poor lad wasn't too seriously injured. And that you and Soren were well out of the way.

    Gorgeous picture there :)