Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I didn't get much done today, Maisy was poorly and stayed home from school. She seemed a bit brighter this afternoon and had some tea and biscuits and did a bit of colouring while I made some brooches.

I am trying to get everything sorted for my shop but I keep procrastinating. I think it is because I am nervous. Once it is actually open then I will know for sure if anyone out there wants to buy anything and that is scary. Too scary to think about for long!

Next I cut the grass and then it was time to collect Soren from school. Another day avoiding what I should really be doing!

P.S. Can you spot Morten? :)


  1. Hope Maisy is feeling better, can't see morten anywhere and I've looked really hard.

  2. Um, is that Morten in the 3rd pic from the bottom? And do you know what - I feel the 'Etsy fear' too... I've been working away like a mad woman and I am nearly there but I also worry that no-one will like my stuff. Eek. Ok, off to think happy thoughts :-) x

    1. Yes he is in that picture! He seems to go where I point the camera! Your shop will be fantastic. Your blog looks so professional. Sending you happy thoughts! x

  3. Get well soon wishes for little Maisy - nope me either...no Morten can I spy - anywhere. On hang on - is that a busy tail??? Nina xxx

  4. Thank you Nina. She was back at school today. Yippee! I hate it when they are poorly but it's always nice to sneak a day with them xx

  5. Im sure your Etsy shop will be just brilliant, I cant wait to see it. xx