Sunday, 24 June 2012


Today the Olympic Torch relay came very close to our house so we joined the crowds to cheer them on! It was lots of fun and I am glad we made the effort to get up early.

In other sports news, Soren and Jamie put up their new football goal and had a game. (I provided the refreshments)

Finally, we shall be watching the England Italy match tonight. I don't really like sporty things that much but sometimes it's more about team spirit (and I quite like that!).


  1. Wow you got so close to the torch! Glad you enjoyed your sporty day (and continue to do so - kick off in 10 minutes!) x

  2. It is just a shame it didn't end so well..... Never mind, there is always the World Cup in 2 years! x

  3. They came right past my house (in Sheffield) on Monday! It was at about 6:30pm, so my walk home from work was a bit mental with all the people lining the streets. Very exciting though!

    1. It was exciting! (even though I am not really into the whole Olympic thing!)