Monday, 4 June 2012

Poor little Morten

He is still not well. We went to the vets and he has some medicine that might help to settle his upset tummy. He actually seems quite perky considering. He has been chasing next door's cat as per usual!

I made us a yummy lunch of soup and mini naan bread pizzas. I found the recipe in a Nigella Lawson book and it is super quick but really tasty. I put feta cheese, tomatoes and Parmesan on ours.

Maisy and Soren come home from their holiday with their Dad today. We bought them a few things from our little trip. A Maid Marion pencil for Maisy as she got that part in the school play and a miniature catapult for the boy. Some sweeties too of course! So excited to pick them up from the airport!!!


  1. Poor Morten. He looks a bit sad too :-( Hope he is better soon... Your lunch looks yummy by the way! x

  2. Oh he is still poorly! We are taking turns stopping up with him tonight... :(. x